Quilt Construction






The best part about quilting is designing the the quilts, bringing different fabrics together, and creating something new.  I have designed all of these quilts.  They are all limited editions, no more than 4 of each design, and frequently one-of-a-kind.

They have been cut out by hand and sewn by me on my home sewing machine.   They are machine quilted for durability and for reasonable pricing.

The quilts are made of high quality, 100% cotton fabrics.  Backing fabrics are colorful, frequently include patterns, and are complimentary to the quilt fronts. Because of the advantage of their wider width, the fabric from newly purchased sheets is sometimes used to back my quilts.  Cotton batting or one-inch polyester batting is used in all the quilts as specified in the description of a particular quilt.

To remove wrinkles from a quilt after it is shipped to you, iron it lightly with a steam iron. The steam will remove the wrinkles.  Do not press down hard as that tends to flatten the batting.

Care instructions:  For best results hand wash your quilt in cold water and machine dry on low or medium heat.  Your quilt is also machine washable on a gentle/delicate cycle.  To help retain the bright colors, wash with a dye retainer such as Retayne or Dye Magnet which are color fixatives for commercially dyed cotton fabrics.  These products are available at fabric and craft stores.