Novelty quilts, children's quilts, crib quilts and wall hangings - all can be found here at Nancy's Whimsical Quilts . These handmade quilts are not just for beds or baby bedding.   They are fabric art, adding decoration and warmth to any room.  These cotton quilts are all custom designed and sewn by me on my home sewing machine.  They will delight the kids in your home, or make unique gifts for your family and friends.  All quilts for sale here on my web site are ready for immediate shipment.
Quilt making is part of my heritage.  My great-grandmother's quilts are some of my most treasured belongings. Passing handmade quilts down through the generations is a wonderful way of keeping in touch with those prior generations.

For over 30 years I have been making quilts for family and friends, celebrating special occasions, holidays, weddings, new babies, or just to say to someone, "you're special to me". For several years I have been making dozens of quilts for a nonprofit organization that gives them to children entering crisis care, and for    Quilts of Valor Foundation, an organization that gives handmade quilts to our soldiers hospitalized due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Proceeds from the sale of my quilts goes toward paying for the materials I use in these donated quilts.   

Kids especially love quilts and treasure their own handmade baby quilts for years.  One baby quilt I made years ago is a testament to this. It was carried everywhere by my young friend, including spending a year with him on a sailboat. In 8 years it survived so many washings that they can't be counted. Unintentionally burning part of it in the oven reduced its size but not its comfort value.  And even though it was reduced to a small part of the original, he still took it to bed each night.  It was so important to him that his parents have saved that last piece to show his children someday.

So now I am having great fun designing and making quilts and quilted wall hangings for my newest endeavor, Nancy's Whimsical Quilts. You can see them all here in my Gallery of Quilts.

                                                                                                Nancy Goodrich
                                                                                                Portola Valley, California